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Sidecar Restauration, Part 3

Now it's finally time for a test run. Will the Sidecar work?

Sidecar Restauration, Part 2

In the second part, the Sidecar is repaired and reassembled.

Sidecar Restauration, Part 1

The Sidecar is a real Amiga rarity. Let's restore one!

An Arabic Toast Rack

I'm restoring a very special Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K.

Competition Pro Mini refurbishment

Let's build a completely new board for these joysticks.

CD32 Refurbishment, Part 2

How to replace the laser and calibrate the CD drive of a CD32.

CD32 Refurbishment, Part 1

This poor machine had a botched restauration attempt. Can I fix it?

Building a ZX Dandanator Mini

The ZX Dandanator Mini is a DIY game cartridge for the ZX Spectrum. Let's build one!

ZX Spectrum Plus Repair

This ZX Spectrum Plus was an upgrade, and gave me quite a headache with its poor picture quality.

New ZX Spectrum 48K

This is how I built an (almost) brand new Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Amiga 1200 Black Edition

The Amiga is still alive and getting new hard- and software. I'm building a black Amiga 1200 from new parts.

Amiga 1000 Restauration, Part 3

In the third part of the Amiga 1000 restauration, I will replace the floppy drive with a floppy simulator, and put everything back together.

Amiga 1000 Restauration, Part 2

In the second part of the Amiga 1000 restauration, I will take care for the keyboard. There is a surprising lot to do!

Amiga 1000 Restauration, Part 1

The Amiga 1000 is the jewel of every Amiga collection. I had the lucky chance to get one. Let's refurbish it!

Atari ST

I was curious about what an Atari ST feels like. So I got one, and futureproofed it.

Rehousing of a PSP

Let's refurbish a handheld game console for a change. This PSP got a shiny new case, and a custom firmware.

The Red C64

After refurbishing Amiga and Spectrum home computers, it was time to get my hands on a broken Commodore 64.

ZX Spectrum "Portugal"

This Spectrum was "Assembled in Portugal". The first time I see that. Let's give it a new life.

A new Harlequin

The Harlequin is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K clone. It's available as DIY kit, and it's fun to make one.

ZX Spectrum "Beauty"

When I started to refurbish old computers in 2021, I couldn't imagine that it was so much fun. 😁 The other day I bought another ZX Spectrum.

Flash Amiga ROM

The Amiga Flash ROM adapter by @AmigaWorld is a good alternative to EPROMs. This is how to flash and use them.

Action Replay

I felt sorry for this old and dirty Action Replay, so I bought and fixed it.

Amiga 1200 Restauration

What is better, an Amiga 4000 or an Amiga 1200? Well, why not just have both? 😁

How to burn Amiga EPROMs

How to burn Amiga EPROMs yourself.