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The Ugly Duckling

Restauration of a GVP harddisk controller. It is the companion of my Amiga 500, but was in a worse shape after all those years. Will it become beautiful again?

Amiga 4000 Restauration, Part 2

The A4000 got a new PSU, and then came the moment of truth: was all of my work successful? And could that ugly sticker be whitened away from the case?

Amiga 4000 Restauration, Part 1

It's time for restauring my Amiga 4000. Once my pride and joy, it decayed to a sad state over the years. A badly yellowed case, leaked battery lye, there's a lot to do.

ZX Spectrum "Recoiled"

The other ZX Spectrum had a broken coil and was said to be irreparable. Let's find out, and make a new coil!

ZX Spectrum "Chrome"

I've restaured my first ZX Spectrum, and gave it a shiny new chrome case.

Amiga 500 Restauration, Part 3

In the final part of my Amiga 500 restauration project, it's finally time to put it all back together.

Amiga 500 Restauration, Part 2

My Amiga 500 restauration progresses. It got new capacitors, HDMI output, a new PSU, and a new disk drive already.

Amiga 500 Restauration, Part 1

I'm going to restore my old Amiga 500. First let's check the current state, after 30 years in a storage box.

Restauring an old iRiver iHP-120, Part 2

In the first part, we have replaced the old Li-Po battery by a new one. In this part, we will replace the mechanical hard disk by a modern (and much larger) MicroSD card.

Restauring an old iRiver iHP-120, Part 1

In a time before smartphones, people used so called "digital music players" for portable music. One of them was the iRiver iHP-100 series, which came to the market in October 2003.

Reviving a Sony CDP-991, Part 5

The player is playing again. Time for some final cleanings.

Reviving a Sony CDP-991, Part 4

The CD player finally plays music again, but still has trouble with the higher tracks.

Reviving a Sony CDP-991, Part 3

In the last part, I made the tray operational. It's a precondition for this part: Inserting a CD.

Reviving a Sony CDP-991, Part 2

In the first part, I powered up my CDP-991 again after 15 years. Next step: Open the tray.

Reviving a Sony CDP-991

Let's do a hardware related project for a change. A few days ago, I found my good old CD player from the time when I was in my early twenties. It's a CDP-991. Sony has produced them around 1991.