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Amiga 1000 Restauration, Part 2

In the second part of the Amiga 1000 restauration, I will take care for the keyboard. There is a surprising lot to do!

Amiga 1000 Restauration, Part 1

The Amiga 1000 is the jewel of every Amiga collection. I had the lucky chance to get one. Let's refurbish it!

Atari ST

I was curious about what an Atari ST feels like. So I got one, and futureproofed it.

Rehousing of a PSP

Let's refurbish a handheld game console for a change. This PSP got a shiny new case, and a custom firmware.

The Red C64

After refurbishing Amiga and Spectrum home computers, it was time to get my hands on a broken Commodore 64.

ZX Spectrum "Portugal"

This Spectrum was "Assembled in Portugal". The first time I see that. Let's give it a new life.

MaestroPro Internal

The Maestro Professional was a fully digital Amiga sound card. Let's have a look how it worked.

Open-Sourcing old Amiga software

Can modern development methods be applied to old AmigaOS projects? This is how I ported and open-sourced an old Amiga project.

Amiga Assigns

What are AmigaOS "assigns", and why do I miss them on Linux?