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RetroChipTester firmware update

How to update the firmware of your RetroChipTester with a PICkit 4

Amiga Debugging with Linux

AmigaOS offers a simple debugger via serial port. With a zero modem, you can read the debug output on your PC.

Sidecar Restauration, Part 3

Now it's finally time for a test run. Will the Sidecar work?

Sidecar Restauration, Part 2

In the second part, the Sidecar is repaired and reassembled.

Sidecar Restauration, Part 1

The Sidecar is a real Amiga rarity. Let's restore one!

An Arabic Toast Rack

I'm restoring a very special Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K.

Competition Pro Mini refurbishment

Let's build a completely new board for these joysticks.

CD32 Refurbishment, Part 2

How to replace the laser and calibrate the CD drive of a CD32.

Goodbye Blue Bird

Today I closed my Twitter account.

LoRa Washing Machine

How do you connect your clothes washer to the cloud when the range of the WLAN isn't sufficient? LoRa is the solution!

Christmas Garden

Some impressions of the Christmas Garden 2022 at Pillnitz Castle in Dresden.