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Amiga 1000 Restauration, Part 3

In the third part of the Amiga 1000 restauration, I will replace the floppy drive with a floppy simulator, and put everything back together.

Amiga 1000 Restauration, Part 2

In the second part of the Amiga 1000 restauration, I will take care for the keyboard. There is a surprising lot to do!

Amiga 1000 Restauration, Part 1

The Amiga 1000 is the jewel of every Amiga collection. I had the lucky chance to get one. Let's refurbish it!

Atari ST

I was curious about what an Atari ST feels like. So I got one, and futureproofed it.

Rehousing of a PSP

Let's refurbish a handheld game console for a change. This PSP got a shiny new case, and a custom firmware.

The Red C64

After refurbishing Amiga and Spectrum home computers, it was time to get my hands on a broken Commodore 64.

Amiga 1200 Mouse Button Fix

The right mouse button does not work on your Amiga 1200? This is how to fix it.

MaestroPro Internal

The Maestro Professional was a fully digital Amiga sound card. Let's have a look how it worked.

Open-Sourcing old Amiga software

Can modern development methods be applied to old AmigaOS projects? This is how I ported and open-sourced an old Amiga project.

Amiga Assigns

What are AmigaOS "assigns", and why do I miss them on Linux?