Sombrero de Chasna

The "Sombrero de Chasna" is a table mount that is 2400 meters tall and looks like the top of a sombrero hat, hence its name.

Our hike starts at the área recreativa Las Lajas. It's a public picnic site with a parking area that is sufficiently big, but the poor road conditions of the last few meters make it difficult to reach unless you have rented an SUV. 😅

From there we start the ascent to the summit of the Sombrero. The trail is a little hard to find. At some parts, only cairns show the way. A few minutes away from the Sombrero, there is the caldera edge with a spectacular view on the Las Cañadas plain.

The hike to the summit is a little exhausting. You certainly need good hiking shoes, hiking poles, and a good condition. But the spectacular views are worth it. It's the third time we have been up there now, and definitely not the last time.

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Observatorio del Teide

In the heart of Tenerife, and 2400 meters above the sea, is the Observatorio del Teide. While its sister observatory on the island of La Palma is mainly used for observing the night sky, this observatory is mainly used for observation of the sun.

There are guided tours every week. We joined one of these tours, and had the chance to see the observatory, the inside of one of the buildings, and we also had a look at the sun with a special telescope.

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Hiking around the Chinyero

Chinyero is the name of a volcano in the National Park of Tenerife. Its last eruption was in November 1909, which was also the last eruption of a volcano on Tenerife.

The starting point is a tiny parking spot at the TF-38 that leads from the town Chío to the Teide national park. From there, we just follow the Circular Chinyero route, which is also marked with white and yellow posts. Our hike trip starts in a pine forest, then goes across a plain of volcanic rock, and then returns through a mix of pine forests and volcanic land.

Usually this place is located above the clouds. This time the clouds were rather high, and covered the landscape in a thick fog. It was very spectacular. At the plain of volcanic rock, it felt like we were walking on a foreign planet.

The tour is about 6.5 km long and easy to walk.

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Back again...

After a GDPR hiatus, the shredzone is back!

I used the time for a total redesign and a cleanup. The design is now responsive, so you can enjoy the articles on the big screen as well as on your smartphone. I have removed all the unnecessary stuff that were modern in blogs 10 years ago, but actually just cluttered the screen (like the calendar and the tag cloud).

There are a few bugs left and some features missing. I will take care of them in the next couple of weeks.

Anyhow, I hope you like the new design!

By the way: The shredzone turns 20 this year. Congratulations! 🎂

Wo ist der Kommentarbereich?

Ich habe mich entschlossen, den Kommentarbereich zu entfernen und alle Kommentare zu löschen. Der Grund dafür ist die DSGVO, die ab dem 25. Mai 2018 wirksam wird.

Die Shredzone verwendet keine Cookies und kein Tracking, zeigt keine Werbung und lädt keine Bilder oder Scripte von fremden Servern nach. Ich habe kein Interesse daran, meinen Lesern hinterherzuschnüffeln, und habe deshalb alles so datensparsam wie möglich gestaltet.

Das einzige Problem war der Kommentarbereich. Dort sammelt man naturgemäß personenbezogene Daten, was wiederum einen Berg an Anforderungen und Pflichten nach sich zieht. Für einen Hobby-Blog, an dem ich keinen Cent verdiene, ist mir der Aufwand einfach zu groß.

Über eure Kommentare habe ich mich immer sehr gefreut. Schickt mir eure Anmerkungen, Lob und Kritik gerne weiter per E-Mail oder als Tweet.