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#Sombrero de Chasna

Sombrero de Chasna

The "Sombrero de Chasna" is a table mount that is 2400 meters tall and looks like the top of a sombrero hat, hence its name.

Our hike starts at the área recreativa Las Lajas. It's a public picnic site with a parking area that is sufficiently big, but the poor road conditions of the last few meters make it difficult to reach unless you have rented an SUV. 😅

From there we start the ascent to the summit of the Sombrero. The trail is a little hard to find. At some parts, only cairns show the way. A few minutes away from the Sombrero, there is the caldera edge with a spectacular view on the Las Cañadas plain.

The hike to the summit is a little exhausting. You certainly need good hiking shoes, hiking poles, and a good condition. But the spectacular views are worth it. It's the third time we have been up there now, and definitely not the last time.

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