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Flash Amiga ROM

The Amiga Flash ROM adapter by @AmigaWorld is a good alternative to EPROMs. This is how to flash and use them.

Action Replay

I felt sorry for this old and dirty Action Replay, so I bought and fixed it.

Amiga 1200 Restauration

What is better, an Amiga 4000 or an Amiga 1200? Well, why not just have both? 😁

Open-Sourcing old Amiga software

Can modern development methods be applied to old AmigaOS projects? This is how I ported and open-sourced an old Amiga project.

Amiga Assigns

What are AmigaOS "assigns", and why do I miss them on Linux?

How to burn Amiga EPROMs

How to burn Amiga EPROMs yourself.

The Ugly Duckling

Restauration of a GVP harddisk controller. It is the companion of my Amiga 500, but was in a worse shape after all those years. Will it become beautiful again?

Amiga 4000 Restauration, Part 2

The A4000 got a new PSU, and then came the moment of truth: was all of my work successful? And could that ugly sticker be whitened away from the case?

Amiga 4000 Restauration, Part 1

It's time for restauring my Amiga 4000. Once my pride and joy, it decayed to a sad state over the years. A badly yellowed case, leaked battery lye, there's a lot to do.

ZX Spectrum "Recoiled"

The other ZX Spectrum had a broken coil and was said to be irreparable. Let's find out, and make a new coil!

ZX Spectrum "Chrome"

I've restaured my first ZX Spectrum, and gave it a shiny new chrome case.

Amiga 500 Restauration, Part 3

In the final part of my Amiga 500 restauration project, it's finally time to put it all back together.

Amiga 500 Restauration, Part 2

My Amiga 500 restauration progresses. It got new capacitors, HDMI output, a new PSU, and a new disk drive already.

Amiga 500 Restauration, Part 1

I'm going to restore my old Amiga 500. First let's check the current state, after 30 years in a storage box.

Multiplication on a Z80 processor

8-bit processors like the Z80 could only add and subtract numbers. So how were numbers multiplied?

Reading Amiga Harddisks with Linux

How to salvage your data from old Amiga harddisks with Linux

Restauring an old iRiver iHP-120, Part 2

In the first part, we have replaced the old Li-Po battery by a new one. In this part, we will replace the mechanical hard disk by a modern (and much larger) MicroSD card.

Restauring an old iRiver iHP-120, Part 1

In a time before smartphones, people used so called "digital music players" for portable music. One of them was the iRiver iHP-100 series, which came to the market in October 2003.

R Tape loading error, Part 2

Find out what's stored on #ZXSpectrum tapes, in this second part.

R Tape loading error

Have you ever wondered how 1980's computers like #ZXSpectrum stored data on tape? Read here how...

Z80 Disassembler

How to write a Z80 disassembler in one afternoon...

Reviving a Sony CDP-991, Part 5

The player is playing again. Time for some final cleanings.

Reviving a Sony CDP-991, Part 4

The CD player finally plays music again, but still has trouble with the higher tracks.

Reviving a Sony CDP-991, Part 3

In the last part, I made the tray operational. It's a precondition for this part: Inserting a CD.