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Goodbye Blue Bird

Today I closed my Twitter account.

CD32 Refurbishment, Part 2

How to replace the laser and calibrate the CD drive of a CD32.

CD32 Refurbishment, Part 1

This poor machine had a botched restauration attempt. Can I fix it?

Building a ZX Dandanator Mini

The ZX Dandanator Mini is a DIY game cartridge for the ZX Spectrum. Let's build one!

ZX Spectrum Plus Repair

This ZX Spectrum Plus was an upgrade, and gave me quite a headache with its poor picture quality.

New ZX Spectrum 48K

This is how I built an (almost) brand new Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

Amiga 1200 Black Edition

The Amiga is still alive and getting new hard- and software. I'm building a black Amiga 1200 from new parts.

LoRa Washing Machine

How do you connect your clothes washer to the cloud when the range of the WLAN isn't sufficient? LoRa is the solution!

Christmas Garden

Some impressions of the Christmas Garden 2022 at Pillnitz Castle in Dresden.

Amiga Debugging with Linux

AmigaOS offers a simple debugger via serial port. With a zero modem, you can read the debug output on your PC.

Amiga 1200 Mouse Button Fix

The right mouse button does not work on your Amiga 1200? This is how to fix it.