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ZX Spectrum "Portugal"

This Spectrum was "Assembled in Portugal". The first time I see that. Let's give it a new life.

A new Harlequin

The Harlequin is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K clone. It's available as DIY kit, and it's fun to make one.

ZX Spectrum "Beauty"

When I started to refurbish old computers in 2021, I couldn't imagine that it was so much fun. 😁 The other day I bought another ZX Spectrum.

Flash Amiga ROM

The Amiga Flash ROM adapter by @AmigaWorld is a good alternative to EPROMs. This is how to flash and use them.

Action Replay

I felt sorry for this old and dirty Action Replay, so I bought and fixed it.

Amiga 1200 Restauration

What is better, an Amiga 4000 or an Amiga 1200? Well, why not just have both? 😁

Open-Sourcing old Amiga software

Can modern development methods be applied to old AmigaOS projects? This is how I ported and open-sourced an old Amiga project.

Amiga Assigns

What are AmigaOS "assigns", and why do I miss them on Linux?

Multiplication on a Z80 processor

8-bit processors like the Z80 could only add and subtract numbers. So how were numbers multiplied?

Reading Amiga Harddisks with Linux

How to salvage your data from old Amiga harddisks with Linux