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How to post-process CR3 files with Fedora and Darktable

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How to update the firmware of your RetroChipTester with a PICkit 4

Sidecar Restauration, Part 3

Now it's finally time for a test run. Will the Sidecar work?

Sidecar Restauration, Part 2

In the second part, the Sidecar is repaired and reassembled.

Sidecar Restauration, Part 1

The Sidecar is a real Amiga rarity. Let's restore one!

An Arabic Toast Rack

I'm restoring a very special Sinclair ZX Spectrum 128K.

Competition Pro Mini refurbishment

Let's build a completely new board for these joysticks.

CD32 Refurbishment, Part 2

How to replace the laser and calibrate the CD drive of a CD32.

Goodbye Blue Bird

Today I closed my Twitter account.

LoRa Washing Machine

How do you connect your clothes washer to the cloud when the range of the WLAN isn't sufficient? LoRa is the solution!